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Hutchinson’s Azariah Dawes – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Allen Samuels

Hutchinson girls basketball player Azariah Dawes gave an interview with VYPE where she discussed her goals for the year. Sharing “I really want to win state again and beat my PR from last year”. “Winning state” is a favorite memory of Dawes we’re told because she “didn’t even expect it”.

“My favorite part of this team is the diverse teammates and coaching staff and it’s just very fun and enjoyable” said Dawes. Among those teammates was former salt hawk – Sarah Shortz. Dawes said that Shortz was an amazing influence to have. All this and more has taught Dawes “As long as you work hard you will get to where you need or what you want”.

Dawes told VYPE that if she could share any piece of advice she’d say “Don’t give up on your dreams and what you want in YOUR life”.

She also took a moment to highlight a few places from which she draw inspiration, First stating that she inspires herself because “I keep going after it every single day” then, sharing her gratitude to “my jumping coach Marcus Moeder because he has been nothing but good to me and supportive and has helped me reach my goals”.

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