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Nickerson’s Destiny Ponds – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Allen Samuels

Nickerson’s Destiny Ponds says “This year I want to not only be a leader, but be a teammate that leaves a special impression on someone. I want to believe in each and everyone of my teammates and make sure they believe in themselves too.”

A team she expressed her love for by saying “My favorite part of being on this team is our sense of collaboration. I love the way we are able to work with all of the diverse talents we have. We all support and encourage each other.”

Ponds shared a bit about the encouragement she has received from a fellow teammate sharing “The teammate who has left the biggest impression on me is Ava Jones. Her resilience in the face of challenges is such an inspiration. She is truly a pillar of strength and role model for perseverance. Her integrity, kindness, and dedication inspire me everyday. Her excellence motivates me to push my boundaries and always strive for greatness. The guidance she has given and shown me has been so invaluable. I am so blessed to be able to call Ava my teammate and one of my role models.”

When she isn’t putting in work on the court Ponds is participating in school blood drives, Student Council, FBLA, FCCLA, National Honor Society, and working at the Fair Price Clothing store. She also represents the Panthers on the basketball and track teams.

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