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Q&A with Hutchinson’s Camden Jensen – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

Hutchinson’s Camden Jensen told VYPE about his life in an interview.

VYPE: What are your personal goals for the year?

This year my goal is to end the season at the top of the podium.

VYPE: What is your favorite athletic memory?

My favorite athletic memory is beating Bishop Carroll in the football playoffs 2 years ago. They have ended our seasons both years prior and it felt good being able to beat then and move on.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why?

The teammate that has left the biggest impression on me is probably Dorian Hippen, he was my partner all of last year at practice before he graduated. He was an amazing leader and helped me become better every day.

VYPE: What is your favorite part of being on this team?

My favorite part of being on this team is being able to spend time with my teammates they have meant alot to me. Our team is also very young this year and I enjoy being able to help lead and see the potential of my younger teammates.

VYPE: Do you participate in any community service projects?

I am a part of my youth group at church and every Sumner we spend time with the elders of the church, and help them with their yard work, that most of then are unable to do themselves.

VYPE: What Clubs or Campus groups are you involved with and why?

I am a part of FCA and senior leaders.

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life?

Wrestling has taught me how, worthwhile things aren’t easy. Even though practice may be hard in the end the result is worth it.

VYPE: What is the best advice that anyone has given you?

During my Junior season my dad passed away, and I was considering quitting wrestling, my coach talked to me and told me that I can either quit and give up on myself, or use the pain of losing him to help me get better and stronger for the future.

VYPE: Who inspires you and why?

My mom inspires me, she has been working hard my whole life and she does everything she can for me and and brothers to succeed.

VYPE: Here is your chance to give a shoutout or say thank you to anyone you wish.

I want to thank my family and my mom and thank God for giving me the opportunity to participate in a sport that I love. And thank my dad for everything because I wouldn’t have ever started wrestling without him.

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