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Hutchinson Trinity’s Max Ryan – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Hog Wild BBQ

Hutchinson athlete Max Ryan told VYPE in an interview “My favorite teacher this year is Mrs. Ryan. I don’t have her for a class, but she taught me history a while ago and really helped me learn the basics of it. Also, she is my mom.” When he isn’t in the classroom Ryan says “I do theatre because my brother did it, but also because the people that do it really are like a family, and it is very fun to be a part of.”

Ryan stated to VYPE “As an athlete you should have high but realistic goals. I think that in all three sports that I am playing my goals are to win state.” He went on to share “For sure my favorite athletic memory is last year, sophomore year, when we played Remington in basketball. It was their homecoming, and the game went into double overtime. We had all of our seniors foul out of the game, but still came out and won.”

“Jonah Godina has had a big impact on my athletic career. My freshmen year he was the leader of the cross country team, and over the next two years he taught me a lot about the sport, but also about how to be a leader” Ryan said of his teammate.

Ryan also represents Hutchinson Trinity in his volunteer effort telling us “I have done projects for birthright and the soup kitchen which is a place that helps give out food and other necessities to people in the community that need it.”

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