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Nickerson’s Kalyse Abernathy – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by American Family Insurance

Nickerson volleyball player Kalyse Abernathy shared with VYPE her goals for this season saying “My personal goals for this year are to maintain an 4.0 GPA and get fully healed from my ACL/meniscus injury I suffered in February. I would also love to build more relationships with people around the school. Lastly, would love to get committed to a school for softball. I have loved that sport since I played Tee-Ball, it would be an honor to get the opportunity to play in college.”

While on the court the teammate that has had the biggest impact on her has been Ava Jones. Abernathy Shared that “From the time we were in middle school I always looked up to her. When we got to high school is when I really started to realize how great she was. She always pushed me to be better in EVERY sport, in the weight room, all the time. Not only was she a great teammate she is a great friend. She is someone you can confide in and she is never scared to tell you the truth. I love that girl.”

When she isn’t dominating in athletics or recovering from her injury Abernathy has volunteered at a little thrift shop in Hutch, done community service at the public library in Nickerson, joined the National Honors Society, and been a representative for Student Council.

She also shared “I am not really involved in many clubs, then again there’s not many clubs to choose from in Nickerson. I have participated in the musical, which was Mamma Mia. It was my first time doing something like that but it was so fun. I would LOVE to try chess club, but I am afraid my brain would explode. I also decided to try concert choir because its my senior year so why not. I don’t exactly know if that is considered a club. There is also a leadership type of deal that I am apart of.”

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